Memphitz Wright Arrested

Toya Wright’s controversial ex-husband, Memphitz Wright, has been arrested on four drug charges. The infamous reality star was arrested on March 14 and is being held at $50,400 bond.

The reality star is known not only as Lil Wayne’s baby mama, Toya Wright, ex-husband but he is also known for being accused of abusing K. Michelle when they were in a relationship. Memphitz threatened to sue K. Michelle over the comments she made about a certain producer that “beat her a**” on “Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta”. Many people said that K. Michelle was lying and publicly shamed her.

Little did people know that later on the show “Marriage Boot Camp” Memphitz would show his true colors. Threatening and screaming at Toya Wright shook boot campers and viewers around the world. The episodes made it very believable that Memphitz could have in fact laid a hand on K. Michelle putting those who doubted the claims to shame.

Now Toya and Memphitz are divorced and Memphitz, who has been arrested before on gun charges, has been arrested again according to Fameoulous. The charges seem like they may stick for a while. View the receipts here.

Do you think that this is karma for all the things Memphitz put Toya through?

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