Kirk And Rasheeda Cheating Scandal – Timeline

Kirk and Rasheeda’s cheating scandal is nothing new.  The reality stars have been dealing with infidelity issues for the past 3 decades.  Rasheeda hasn’t been honest throughout their entire relationship.  While she didn’t have a baby on Kirk, Rasheeda has cheated on him.  Keep reading for more details.


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1998: Rasheeda Cheats On Kirk Before They Get Married

In a 2014 interview with VH1, Rasheeda reveals that she cheated on Kirk before they got married.  The couple tied the knot in 1999.  Rasheeda emphasizes the fact that she hasn’t cheated on Kirk since they’ve been married but he clearly never forgave her.

Kirk And Rasheeda Cheating Scandal
Kirk And Rasheeda Cheating Scandal

2013: Kirk Cheats On Rasheeda While She’s Pregnant

In season 2 of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, we saw Kirk cheat on Rasheeda while she was pregnant.  It all went down at one of Benzino’s parties.  Kirk is seen in a hot tub getting intimate with multiple women.  Some say the incident was a staged publicity stunt.  Reality television has made entertainers like the Kardashians household names and #LHHATL fans think Rasheeda and Kirk followed their blueprint.

2016: Kirk Cheats On Rasheeda And Has A Baby With Jasmine Washington

Love and Hip Hop is fake but there is nothing fake about Jasmine Washington’s court documents.  Kirk has a secret baby with Jasmine in 2016.  We’ve known that Kirk’s a creep but this time he has taken things too far.  If Kirk’s not baby Kannon’s father, VH1 could be used for using the legal system to try to convince the public that Kirk and Jasmine had a baby.
What do you think? Is Jasmine Washington really Kirk’s baby mama? Some say Kirk and Rasheeda shouldn’t have gotten married because Rasheeda cheated on Kirk before they tied the knot.  Do you agree? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.
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