Nas and Nicki Minaj Relationship – Together at Last?

Are Nas and Nicki Minaj finally dating? The two rappers have
been getting really close since the song they collaborated on together, “Right
by my Side.” In fact, a close source says the two have been hanging out
together a lot and it seems Nicki is starting to have feelings for Nas. Are the
two together at last?
Although the two rappers collaborated together on “Right by
my Side,” Minaj was dating Meek Mill at the time so nothing happened between
them. However, once Minaj and Mill split, she let it be known to Nas that she
was single and ready to be with him. Now, the two are getting extremely close
and seem to be dating each other.
The relationship is still in its early stages but it seems
Nicki is falling for Nas fast. Rumors are going around that the rapper couple
is going to attend SXSW together. If they do attend SXSW together, this will
confirm to the public that they are together at last!
You can watch the video, “Right by my Side” that the two
worked on together and featuring Chris Brown, below.
What do you think of these two being together as a couple?
Do you think they will be the next power couple in the hip-hop world? Let us
know your thoughts on this in the comments below!

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