Is Auntie Fee Dead?

It was recently reported by multiple media outlets that Auntie Fee aka Chef Sista girl has passed away from a massive heart attack, but now TMZ is reporting that the internet sensation is not dead but is actually on life support.

Earlier today a close family member of the 59-year-old woman, whose real name is Felicia O’Dell, posted on her Facebook page “I need all of Felicia Auntie Fee O’Dell prayer warriors to send a few prayers up for her. (She’s in the hospital)”.
Later in the day TMZ claims they were told by Fee’s nephew Sosten Price and sister Ayesha that the 59-year-old died Tuesday after a medical emergency. But the information wasn’t true, she was actually on life support.

The viral star rose to fame when her curse word laden video about making “sweet treats for the kids” skyrocketed in views overnight. She had multiple follow ups including a price conscious meal that feeds seven people for only $3.35.

Her genuine personality and hood realness is what people loved about her videos and gave her the opportunity to appear on “Jimmy Kimmel Live”, “Steve Harvey”, and most recently “Worldstar TV”. Our thoughts and prayers are with Auntie Fee and her family at this trying time. Relive some of her greatest videos here.

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