How Many Kids Does Rasheeda Have?

Although Rasheeda and Kirk Frost have been through hell and back, they are still a strong couple and are great together. They have had their differences and their ups and downs but they are still strong together. How many kids does Rasheeda have?

Karter Frost

Karter Frost is the youngest Rasheeda and Kirk Frost has together. He was born on August 1, 2013, and is three-years-old, but will be four-years-old this August.

Ky Frost

Ky Frost is the oldest of Rasheeda and Kirk Frost’s two boys. He was born October 4, 2000, making him 16-years-old, turning 17-years-old this year.

How Many Kids Does Kirk Have?

Those are the only two kids Rasheeda has. However, it is rumored that Kirk Frost cheated on Rasheeda with Jasmine Washington and they also had a baby together. Jasmine Washington had a baby boy in 2016 and she and Kirk named him Kannon. As you can see, Kirk loves the letter K and has named all of his children with this letter.

Kirk also has a daughter by the name of Kelsie from a previous relationship. She was born on April 25, 1995.

What do you think about Kirk having a baby with Jasmine on the side? Don’t you think it is wrong that Kirk had a baby with another woman while he is married to Rasheeda? Let us know your thoughts on this in the comments below!

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