Beyonce Twins Gender Reveal, Poll – You Decide

Did Beyonce reveal the gender of her twins? Scroll to the bottom of this article to vote on the gender of Beyonce’s babies.  The singer recently posted pictures on her website that show her in a beautiful black dress.  She wore the outfit to her mother’s birthdays celebration.  Fans loved her baby bump but they couldn’t stop looking at her earrings.


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Beyonce Wearing “If I Were A Boy” Earrings

In the pictures Beyonce recently posted on her website, the singer is wearing the same earrings she wore in her “If I Were A Boy” music video.
Beyonce If I Were A Boy Earrings
Beyonce If I Were A Boy Earrings

The Bey Hive thinks Queen Bey is giving fans a clue about the gender of her twins.  Beyonce and Jay-Z are worth over $1 billion.  She typically doesn’t repeat outfits of jewelry.

Beyonce Twins Gender Reveal
Beyonce Twins Gender Reveal
This doesn’t seem to be a coincidence.  The tweet below explains that the singer subtly revealed the gender of her babies with the jewelry choice.


The Bey Hive has been wrong before when it comes to Beyonce’s clues.  When she’s not delivering new music, fans get bored and start making random assumptions.

Beyonce Twins Gender Reveal
Beyonce Twins Gender Reveal

Here’s the “If I Were A Boy” video.  The song is from her 2008 album, I Am… Sasha Fierce.

“Don’t Let Me Have A Son I’m A Fool”

In Beyonce and Jay-Z’s new DJ Khaled song, “Shining” Jay-Z reveals that he wants a boy.  The Brooklyn rapper says that he’ll send his son to school in his jewels.  Jay lets his family members wear his jewelry and we would love to see a Lil Jay-Z sporting a Roc-A-Fella chain.

“I Want A Boy And Girl To Fight For Truth”

One bar later, Jay proclaims that he wants a boy and girl.  The rapper, whose real name is Shawn Carter, wants a son so he can right his father’s wrongs.

Beyonce Twins Gender Reveal
Beyonce Twins Gender Reveal

Jay’s father left his family at an early age.  Jay had to man-up fast.  Soon after high school, he started selling drugs.  Multiple members of Jay’s old crew ended up in jail.  If his father was in his life, he may have encouraged him to make better decisions.


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