T.I New Girlfriend 2017

The news rang around the globe that T.I and Tiny were splitting up their family affair, TMZ learned that Tiny had filed for divorce from her husband late last year. By the middle of February, there were more reports saying that the two were trying to keep it together, giving us hope that the real life Cosby Family were going to repair whatever was broken in their marriage, but now T.I has been seen around town with a certain someone more than once.

The mystery woman is named Bernice Burgos.

If she looks familiar or if her name sounds familiar it’s because she used to date Drake.

The 36-year-old mom is a model and businesswoman who’s fame skyrocketed once the Drake romance got out. Now it seems like T.I and Bernice have taken a liking to each other and have been hanging out. Sources say that they were spotted together in Vegas and the two have been commenting on each other’s Instagram photos.

It was recently announced that the married couple will have a new and final season of their VH1 reality series where we will see the drama behind the divorce unfold. Do you think Bernice will be making a guest appearance?

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