Sheree Whitfield Abusive Relationship

This week’s episode of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” was very emotional. Sheree Whitfield was forced to deal with emotions that she didn’t even know was still there concerning her ex-husband Bob Whitfield.


In the 2nd installment of the 2 part Maui trip, Phaedra, Kenya, Bob, and Sheree are all in the care on the way to a wild boat ride when the subject of physical abuse is brought up. Bob ends up asking Sheree if he ever hit her or choked her and she reminds him that he did. Bob then asks if he’s ever choked her, to which Sheree also answers yes. Bob, “jokingly” asks “Were you still breathing, maybe I didn’t choke you hard enough.” 
Watching the episode was super uncomfortable and downright angering just do to the fact that he would joke around about abuse. Especially because he’s supposed to be trying to win Sheree back. The bigger problem is that he doesn’t seem to be sorry about it. Because as soon as Sheree started crying, Phaedra had to tell him MANY times to say sorry so it seems as though he was never going to say it on his own and it took none other than Kenya to try and comfort her. 
The exes later had a conversation about the situation when Bob took Sheree jewelry shopping. Sheree tried to tell Bob how she felt about what happened earlier but he started laughing (which he said was his coping mechanism). Sheree left the conversation feeling that her eyes were opened that she’s still dealing with the same Bob. However, we’ll see if she changes her mind about that later in the season.
Hopefully Sheree doesn’t give her abuser another chance. It’s true that some people may laugh when they feel uncomfortable or nervous in a situation but the joke that he made was inappropriate and he truly doesn’t seem sorry. Sheree should find another guy if she wants a stable relationship and have a real man hanging around Chateau Sheree. I mean any guy would be lucky to be with Sheree, look at her bangin’ body, her wigs, her sense of humor! Let’s turn this into a Sheree appreciation post.

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