Remy Ma Artwork – Nicki Minaj Diss Song

The artwork for Remy Ma’s new Nicki Minaj diss song has been released.  The track will be called “Culture Vultures” and features three vultures dressed as Drake, Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne.  The song will be a response to Young Money’s “No Frauds.” Nicki, Drake and Lil Wayne were featured on the track but they most likely won’t respond to a diss track from Remy Ma and Papoose.


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Young Money Net Worth

Remy Ma has made it clear that she doesn’t want to hear about Nicki’s records and big numbers.  At the end of the day, that’s what it comes down to.  Remy wouldn’t respond to rappers who aren’t worth her time.  The rappers that are worth battling typically sell the most records and are worth the most money.

Remy Ma is worth about $4 million while Papoose is worth about $500 thousand.  Young Money’s powerful trio is worth a lot more:

  • Lil Wayne is worth over $100 million and he’s trying to recover money Birdman owes him
  • Drake is worth $60 million
  • Nicki Minaj is worth $70 million

Young Money’s rappers are too rich to worry about a diss song by Remy Ma and Papoose.

Remy Ma Artwork
Remy Ma Artwork

Remy Ma’s “Another One” Is No “Back To Back”

Remy could have included Drake on the cover because she’s upset about her diss song “Another One.” Drake’s “Back to Back” was an epic follow-up to his Meek Mill diss song, “Charged Up.” Drake showed off his lyrical skills in both tracks.  Remy destroyed Nicki in “shETHER” but “Another One” was a major mistake.

While Drake took his battle with Meek Mill to another level with “Back to Back” Remy did the exact opposite with “Another One.” Remy made herself vulnerable by releasing “Another One” and Nicki took advantage of the opportunity.

The vulture that’s supposed to be Drake is seen wearing a OVO chain and holding a journal.  The journal says “QM’s Raps” referring to Drizzy’s ghostwriter, Quentin Miller.  Remy should have tried to get Meek Mill on the track instead of Papoose.

Will Lil Wayne’s BFF, Fat Joe Step In?

Fat Joe and Lil Wayne have a great relationship.  Wayne has appeared on numerous Fat Joe records including “Yellow Tape” and “Make It Rain.” Joe has compared Wayne to Remy, explaining that they’re two of the only rappers that always manage to make him look average when they’re on songs with him.

The artwork shows a vulture with dreadlocks like Lil Wayne’s.  He’s holding a sign that says “Will rhyme p**** with p**** for food.” The artwork is referring to Wayne being starved by Birdman.


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