Nicki Minaj – Before Fame

Nicki Minaj Before Fame
Nicki Minaj Before Fame

We all know Nicki Minaj the famous rapper. We all know her crazy ways she likes to dress up and make her hair really wild. We have all seen her crazy antics in her videos and watched her beef with Remy Ma. But, did you know Nicki Minaj before she became famous? Have you seen her video she did before she became the famous rapper we all know? 

Check it out below! She looks so different in this video. It doesn’t look like the Minaj we all know.


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Here are some cool facts about Nicki Minaj!
  1. Nicki Minaj was born in Saint James, Trinidad. She was raised by her grandmother before she moved to Jamaica when she was just five-years-old. You can see her in a video talking about this and you can see her starting to cry when she talks about her past.
  2. She actually wanted to kill her own father. This is because her dad was really mean and beat her mother. He was an abusive drug addict and actually tried to kill her mom once.
  3. She used to have a weird nickname she started for herself. It was Harajaka Barbie. This is because she said all the girls she knew on Myspace would call themselves “something Barbie.”
These are some really cool facts about Nicki Minaj before she became famous. Do you know anything else about Nicki Minaj that wasn’t mentioned here?


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