Does Jake Die in Scandal?

Although Jake is alive, he isn’t too good right now. When he got stabbed by Olivia, she didn’t quite finish the job. Not only did she not quite finish the job but she didn’t even stab him in the right places to actually kill him.

Not only was Jake lying on a gurney nearly dead and clinging to life but Russell was next to Jake on a gurney as well and had enough time, and opportunity to finish the job.

The Russian doctor refused to help Jake if OPA didn’t try to help him out as well. Who cares though because Jake is still alive so that is all that matters.

Not only was Russell on a gurney next to Jake and had the opportunity to kill Jake with a scalpel but he (Russell) and Olivia were still a couple. However, Olivia is not stupid and she figured everything out eventually. What did she do about it though? Good old Olivia got on top of Russell with her negligee on and put a gun to his forehead. So, although Olivia has finally had the chance to end her father’s reign of terror, now, since the king is still alive, he is willing and able to kill everyone she knows.

Stay tuned for next week’s episode to find out what happens!

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Author: empirebbk

All Empire All The Time.

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