Remy Ma – Before And After Plastic Surgery

Pictures of Remy Ma before and after plastic surgery can be seen below.  Nicki Minaj calls her out in her new track “No Frauds.” Nicki proclaims, “I got before and after pictures of your surgery.” Minaj is a very busy artist and it looks like she finally found some time to get into the studio.  The battle between the two rappers is officially on!


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Nicki Minaj got her Young Money team to help her out on the track.  Drake delivers the second verse and Lil Wayne provides the third.  In Remy’s diss song, “shETHER” she calls Nicki out for returning to Drake and Wayne.  Remy also claims that Drake and Wayne write Nicki’s rhymes.  Nicki has clapped back by calling Remy a liar explaining why the Young Money trio named the track “No Frauds.”

Remy Ma Before And After Plastic Surgery
Remy Ma Before And After Plastic Surgery

Remy thinks that Nicki and Drake had sex.  Nicki has been in a serious relationship since meeting Drake therefore she probably didn’t sleep with the Toronto rapper.  Keep reading for some of our favorite lines from “No Frauds.”

“Back To Back? Me And Drizzy Laughed At That”

Remy claims that “Another One”, her second diss song, was equivalent to Drake’s “Back to Back.” In “No Frauds” Nicki explains that her and Drake laughed at the comparison.  Nicki is in an awkward position with this line.  She was dating Meek Mill when “Back to Back” was released.  As you know, the song was a Meek Mill diss track.

“You Exposed Your Ghostwriter, Now You Wish You Were Scrapped”

In the line above, Nicki calls out Remy Ma and the Terror Squad for admitting they use ghostwriters.  Big Pun used to write for Fat Joe and many believe that Joe writes for Remy.  Papoose, Remy’s husband, also helps her with her lyrics.  This is another line that puts Remy in an awkward position on the song.  Her ex-boyfriend, Meek Mill, called out Drake for using ghostwriters, and Drizzy never denied the accusation.


The tweet above shows that some fans are disappointed with Nicki because she took too long to respond.  I would be upset if we didn’t see how busy Nicki has been lately.  We’ve seen her on boats, filming videos with Future and at Paris fashion shows.


What did you think about Nicki’s new diss track? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!


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