Pregnant Ciara in a CAR WRECK

Ciara, who is currently in her third trimester, has been involved in a car accident in LA! Luckily the singer seems to be okay.

TMZ broke the story. Apparently, Ciara was driving in her white Mercedes and making a left turn when suddenly a grey Volvo SUV slammed into her. The impact was hard but the soon-to-be mother of two wasn’t directly affected because the car slammed into the passenger side.

Ciara was seen talking on her phone and walking but she was clutching her chest and her shoulder. Police and fire department responded to the scene and neither Ciara nor the other driver was seriously injured. The two were able to exchange information and leave the scene.

A source told People magazine that she is “fine” and since she’s probably still in shock she hasn’t released a statement but fans are already posting well wishes to her Instagram. Naturally, Ciara probably went to the hospital to get checked out because she is VERY pregnant with her and Russell Wilson’s first child.

Check out the photos below of the hectic scene. Thank God the crash looks worse than it really was and that mama and baby walked away okay.

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