Chance The Rapper Calls Out Chicago Publication

After a $1 million dollar donation to Chicago Public Schools, Chance the Rapper will do anything to hold on to his “good guy” image. Currently, he is fighting back against claims that over a child support battle. On Wednesday(March 8), the Chicago Sun-Times published a story alleging that the rapper was involved in a “messy breakup” with his baby Kirsten Corley.

The story claims that Chance has not made a long-term child support with Corley. Last month the mother of their 18 month old daughter reportedly asked for temporary child support, money to buy a home, car, and furniture.

The publication even posted Corley’s child support petition. It reads: “Kirsten is essentially being held hostage in Chancelor’s residence as, on one hand, he will not assist her with the support necessary to obtain her own residence unless this entire matter is resolved on his terms, yet on the other hand, Kirsten does not have knowledge of what specific objections Chancelor has to her counter proposal and therefore, it would be impossible to resolve.”

Chance the Rapper responded to the Chicago Sun-Times with a brief clip on social media. In the video, Chance, Corley, and their daughter Kensil are present. Chance looks directly into the camera and says: “Y’all better do y’all jobs and stop worrying about how good my family is,” he says. “Just a friendly reminder. Don’t let anybody get between you and your family.”

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