Is Hoda Kotb Baby Black – Ethnicity, Race

Hoda Kotb from the ‘Today Show’ has adopted a baby girl. She announced the news of adopting the adorable little baby on Tuesday during the show. They showed pictures of her holding little baby Haley.

Is Baby Haley Black?

According to Hoda Kotb, baby Haley was born on Valentine’s Day. Hoda calls Haley her Valentine’s baby! However, everyone is wondering if the baby is black. Hoda herself is Egyptian and although she has not stated the baby’s ethnicity or race, in the pictures of Hoda holding baby Haley, the baby appears to be either black or of mixed race. However, no one can assume without any proof and that is something we don’t have yet.
Did Hoda Kotb Get Married?

According to Closer Weekly, Hoda Kotb and her partner since 2013, Joel Shiffman, are not married yet. However, Hoda said that as soon as she adopted the baby she has now, she plans on marrying Joel. They plan to have a wedding this coming summer.

How Old is Hoda from the ‘Today Show?’

Some people may think Hoda Kotb is a little too old to be taking care of a small baby. Hoda is 52-years-old and age is just a number to many people. Her boyfriend is 58-years-old. They both may seem like they are too old to have a newborn baby, but age is only a number and what you make of it.

What do you think about Hoda adopting a baby? What do you think of Hoda and Joel getting married and taking care of a small baby at their age? Sound off with your comments and let us know what you think about this story!

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