Gabourey Sidibe Weight Loss Surgery

Gabourey Sidibe, or as we know and love her Becky from “Empire”, is opening up about her weight loss surgery in her new memoir titled “This is Just My Face: Try Not to Stare”. Sidibie reveals that she basically “cut her stomach in half” after finding out that she had type 2 diabetes. Yikes!

The 33-year-old actress went under the knife in May 2016 in a surgery that not only shrinked her stomach capacity, but also changed the chemicals in her brain to crave healthier foods. Gabourey, who has been dealing with yo-yo dieting, depression, Bulimia, and anxiety underwent a laparoscopic bariatric surgery and has been losing weight ever since.

She now has healthier eating habits and currently rides tricycles around the “Empire” set among other workout regimens. The star has been giving us life on Instagram for the past couple of months by giving us a peak of her weight loss journey. In an interview with People magazine, Gabourey also reveals that she is ready to date and is currently looking for a gentlemen caller. The actress states that all of her friends are either gay men or women so she hasn’t been opening herself up to straight men but all that is about to change. As for the kind of men Sidibe says:

I’m not very superficial. I like really funny guys, I like guys who are smart, I like people that read, I like people that have really interesting things to do, I like people that really enjoy their jobs. I don’t want somebody who’s like constantly stressed and in a state of their life that they don’t want to be in — you’ve got to be upwardly mobile; that’s emotionally, spiritually, physically and monetarily. And I’m not necessarily into look. I’m more into personality.”

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