Young Dro and Joseline Hernandez Net Worth 2017

Young Dro And Joseline Hernandez Net Worth 2017
Young Dro And Joseline Hernandez Net Worth 2017

Wow! Monday night’s episode was crazy if you ask me. The battle is on between the men and women of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta with everyone trying to figure out who the baby daddy is of Joseline’s baby. Is it Stevie J? He sure doesn’t think so. Joseline is angry with Stevie and even ordered a DNA test for him to take to prove he is the daddy of her baby!

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As for the newest cast member of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, Young Dro, he and Joseline are making new music and they want everyone to hear it! As mentioned already Young Dro is new on the show. And he is not only making music with Joseline, but he is making some money too! Young Dro is actually worth $500,000 so he is definitely making the money!

Speaking of how much they are worth, have you ever wondered what Joseline’s net worth is? Drum roll, please….. Joseline is worth….$2 million! Wow!

So, did you see what happened between Joseline and Young Dro on Monday’s episode? Joseline said Young Dro is a REAL artist and she wants everyone to hear the new music they have made together. However, is there more to it than just the music between these two? Guess we will have to wait and see what happens on the next episode of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. 

What do you think about Young Dro and Joseline “making music together?” Sound off with your opinion and let is know what you think!


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