Tommie Lee – Daughters, Kids #LHHATL

Tommie Lee’s daughters were mentioned in the season 6 premiere of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.  The “Who’s Your Daddy” episode showed the reality star getting locked up.  Tommie’s beef with Joseline Hernandez earned her another mugshot.  Jail brings back horrible memories for Tommie.  When she was 17-years-old she almost lost her first daughter because of the horrible way the jail treated her.


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Tommie gave birth to her first daughter in prison.  She says she asked for help after her water broke but the guards ignored her.  She called her mother and she advised Tommie to pee on herself to get the attention she deserved.  Tommie did so and it worked.  She was taken to the hospital.  Lee was told that there was no fluid around her unborn daughter.

Tommie Lee Daughters Kids #LHHATL
Tommie Lee Daughters Kids #LHHATL

The images above show Tommie and her beautiful daughters.  The reality star had to have a C-section to save her first daughter’s life.

Tommie has two daughters.  One is 13-years-old and the other is 10.  Although Tommie has been in and out of jail, she has maintained custody of both her girls.  They live with her and she loves spoiling them.  Tommie doesn’t share images of her children on Instagram because she doesn’t want to put their lives in danger.

How Old Is Tommie Lee?

Tommie was born on May 19, 1984 and is currently 32-years-old.


Fans loved the way she turned herself in.  Life’s too short to dress down.  If you have to go to jail, do it in style.


The series is giving Tommie more camera time because she’s willing to fight.  She’ll have to stay out of jail if she plans on taking advantage of her new fame.  Like Porsha Williams from Real Housewives of Atlanta, Tommie’s anger problems make us love her.  Free Tommie!


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