Drunk Ed Sheeran Hits Justin Bieber in the Face with Golf Club

Hang out with Ed Sheeran when he is drunk and you might get hit in the face with a golf club. This is exactly what happened to Justin Bieber when they went to hang out together. Although reports state that Bieber was just drinking water, Sheeran said he “got hammered.”

The two party boys ended up going to a golf course afterward. What happened next is funny now but it might not have been funny when it happened. Justin lies down on the ground and puts a golf ball in his mouth and then tells Sheeran to hit the golf ball out of his mouth. Now, why in the world would anyone do this? Only Bieber, of course!

Ed said he did hit it out of his mouth and then heard a sickening thud that was real. He said although in the movies you hear the fake slap but this was a sickening thud that was real. Bieber’s bodyguard then looked at Sheeran and Sheeran said it was one of those “WTF— moments.”

I bet next time Bieber hangs out with Sheeran, he will wear a face mask!

What do you think about this funny story? Sound off with your opinion on this and let everyone know what you think!

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Author: empirebbk

All Empire All The Time.

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