Did Kandi Burruss Try to Drug Porsha Williams? – Real Housewives of Atlanta

On the March 5 episode of “Real Housewives of Atlanta”, our cup runneth over with the tea that was spilled. Kandi Burruss and Porsha Williams have been going at each other’s throats for the past few episodes. On the episode that aired tonight, Porsha accused Kandi of some very serious wrongdoings that could have repercussions for the both of them.

We all know that Kandi has a very colorful sex life and that she has indeed dipped in the lady pond before. From her adult toy line to her radio show “Kandi Coated Nights” the Xscape singer has always been very open about her sex life. Last week we found out that Kandi and Porsha were doing some heavy partying where Porsha accused Kandi of inviting her to her “sex dungeon” and Kandi accused Porsha of wanting to, uh, taste her candy (you get the idea), but this week Porsha is alleging that Kandi and her hubby Todd wanted to drug her and take her to this rumored sex dungeon along with Shamea Morton.

Of course these serious allegations did not sit well with Kandi and she told her co-stars about the crazy rumors. Shamea blatantly denied that Kandi wanted to drug her and Porsha but of course Kandi wanted to confront Porsha herself.

The ladies and their respective lovers (or ex lovers) took a trip to Maui where Kandi confronted Porsha about these drugging claims and brought along receipts to pass out among the ladies.

The story is Porsha, Shamea. Kandi, and Todd all had a wild night out in Vegas where Porsha invited the couple to go to an after hours party. It appears that that’s where Porsha was aggressive with Kandi and came on to her. Kandi printed out screenshots of texts Porsha sent to her after and passed copies around the table where it was shown that Porsha made remarks like what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas and “I’m not going to rape you on camera”. It basically seemed like Porsha was down for whatever that night, making the claims that Kandi would even have to drug her seem false.

Last week Porsha denied the claims that she was coming on to Kandi, but once the receipts were pulled Porsha was singing another tune. The 35-year-old said that she might have indeed came on to Kandi and the drugging story changed to Kandi actually telling a “friend” that she was going to drug her and take her to the sex dungeon.

Kandi said that if Porsha doesn’t stop, she is going to sue her because drugging claims are no joke. Who do you believe in this crazy drama?

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