Beyoncé Is Suffering From EXTREME Morning Sickness

On February 1st Beyoncé delighted us all when she announced that she is pregnant with twins. Having spoken briefly in the past about her miscarriage and her struggles to conceive, we were thrilled for the 35-year old, “Formation” singer, her mogul hubby Jay-Z and the couple’s 5-year old daughter, Blue Ivy.

Bey isn’t sitting home with her feet up either. In late February she gave a heart-stopping performance at the Grammy’s, and she recently appeared at the NBA All-Star Game, Oscars parties and, the world premiere of the live-action Beauty and the Beast. Despite her happiness, it is being reported that Beyoncé is not having an easy pregnancy. An insider spoke to Hollywood Life saying, “Beyonce is suffering the worst morning sickness ever this time round. In fact, it’s not just in the mornings she’s being sick, though, it’s all throughout the day! She constantly feels off balance, and dizzy, and like she’s going to be sick, and actually is several times a day… in the afternoon, evening and nighttime too.”

Yikes! It’s no wonder the songstress pulled out of her scheduled April performance at Coachella. We’re so sad that Bey’s pregnancy isn’t going as smoothly this time around. However, HollywoodLife is reporting that her hubby Jay-Z has been at her beck and call. “Jay-Z is being super supportive, and really amazing. Jay’s done a ton of research into what helps with the sickness and he’s making Bey lots of fresh lemon water to drink, and feeding her apples and peanut butter. She’s still feeling sick a lot, but it does seem to help.”

Pregnancy is certainly rough on any woman; we just wish Auntie Bey a safe pregnancy, delivery and some gorgeous healthy babies.

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